If you want to increase your sales, you’ll have to get the attention of the shoppers right before they make a purchase. Shelf advertising does this for you effectively. These small banners that pop out from grocery aisles promote your products to busy shoppers. This marketing style easily provides an avenue for brands to boost their in store marketing.

What can brands put on their Shelf Advertising?

There are actually quite a number of ways on how to fully utilise shelf advertising on merchandise display.

New Product Signage – This is very effective for introducing new products. If a customer sees a sign for a new product, they would get curious and would love to know more about it. It would help if they put product samples on the shelves. Customers are more likely to put this item in their cart because the sign grabbed their attention. If the sign had not been there, the customer may miss the new item.

Post Discounts – Signs with discounted prices would naturally grab the shoppers’ attention. Customers automatically check out the price difference and calculate their savings. The actual time spent by the consumer whilst comparing prices of similar products is a positive sign for your shelf advertising. This means that customers are reading your signages and loving the customer incentive. Overall, emphasis on price drops yield positive effect on your brand.

Why do we love Shelf Advertising?

Cost-effective – Shelf talkers are affordable to produce. It cuts more than half of the costs required for TV or magazine advertisements. Furthermore, they are cheaper than most banners and may be even more effective in targeting the right market. If you would like to see another sample of a shelf ad.

Hard to Miss – These tabs usually are bright-coloured; fonts large enough to be read from a  distance. As discussed, including discounts, promo gift, and hot deals make your tabs stand out from the rest.

Overall, shelf advertising/marketing is extremely effective if it’s executed well. You can use shelf advertising to appeal to your customers’ thirst for discounts or the latest release. And this could potentially increase your product sales. 

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