Focus group

Focus group

It’s the age of the customer. More than ever before, consumers are at the heart of marketing strategies and messaging. They’re informed and empowered, and they have high expectations for a personalized experience.

Focus Group

LM Advertising’s Marketing Solutions helps brands optimize engagement with their customers across all touchpoints – online, offline and onsite. We activate marketing resources in the most impactful way, through a combination of predictive insights, inspired content and meaningful interactions.

Our work empowers brands to execute marketing programs with maximum return and enables customers to experience brands in their own way.

Knowing where to invest requires a deep understanding of each customer, product and market.

Data Management: Integrating data to set the foundation for Personalized Marketing

Advanced Analytics: Uncovering meaningful insights to deliver relevant marketing

Customer Journeys: Understanding the customer perspective to drive positive change

Connecting with customers requires a compelling narrative that reaches them on a personal level.

Creative Services: Designing to shape brand perception

Content Creation: Telling meaningful stories to create emotional connections

Brand Stewardship: Championing the brand to enhance affinity and build distinction

Driving response requires cohesive channel execution across the customer experience.

Online Channels: Optimizing martech to improve customer reach and optimize engagement

Direct Mail: Maximizing the impact of print to capture customer attention

Onsite Environments: Enhancing the customer environment to educate, engage and convert


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