Branding is a Science.

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and immersing ourselves in your business. This allows us to understand your business…

Our Process

  • We begin with an audit of your existing brand, your competition, and your market position in relation to them.
  • We identify the goals of the rebrand, and we challenge any assumptions along the way.
  • We identify your audiences, and explore opportunities to shift your audience focus.
  • We get your insights, but we also get your users’ insights: Surveys, focus groups, and concept validation with real users.
  • We develop a comprehensive brand package that includes market position, value proposition, key messaging statements, communications strategies, visual identity, voice and tone, and brand usage guidelines that protect your investment and ensure our collective efforts stay on track.
  • We validate that everything we’ve done is achieving the goals we set out at the beginning of the process – using real-world, quantifiable data.

Our Clients